A chat bot is a program that is used to run an on-line chat session, rather than giving out direct contact with an actual human representative. This computer program interprets and acts on messages that are sent to it, rather than actually reading what is written. You can tell a chat bot what you want to say, and it will then relay it to you. Chat bots were first created for online games like World of Warcraft, but they have since become a popular tool for many different applications. Some examples of the many uses include:

* Chat Bots Make For Great Live Chat Room Discussions. Since chat bots can take over the role of a real person entirely, a user can have an “interactive” chat session without ever leaving their screen. All their responses, comments and suggestions are recorded in a virtual space, and anyone who is logged onto the chat room can see it at all times. Many modern chat clients come with chat bot features, such as being able to record a conversation and view it at any time. You can also have multiple chat rooms open at once, with one being labeled chat room 1 and the other chat room 2.

* Artificial Intelligence. In order to have a chat bot understand the intricacies of natural language processing, it must be able to process and store large amounts of information. The data is stored in the user’s database, not in the chat bot’s. This allows the chat bot to continue to function, even when there are several users logged onto the system at the same time.

* Artificial intelligence techniques. Chat Bots are designed with artificial intelligence in mind. They don’t have emotions, and they don’t make mistakes. Because they are designed to function independently, they are able to accomplish much more than a standard web chat bot would be able to do, thanks to the careful programming. There are many techniques used in the design of chat bots, from database optimization to image recognition.

* Message Passing. Unlike a real human, or even a bot (the ones that Facebook uses), a chat bot doesn’t speak intext, but it passes the text it reads from the user to another person, or to another chat bot. This is very useful for businesses who want to convey information to a large number of people, by using several different types of social media tools. By using a messenger bot, instead of having each user to carry around a laptop computer, the messages can be passed around quite easily.

* Domain blocking. The biggest worry about chat bots is that they could accidentally open up millions of accounts, or worse, attack a legitimate website. However, because each chatbot is programmed with its own database, they are able to recognize when they connect to a website that is not supposed to share its information with other bots. Therefore, even if the website the chatbot was connecting to was malicious bots, it would be rejected, and the chat bot would not be permitted to use that website. Because of this, there is no risk of hundreds, or thousands of websites being attacked by malicious bots.

* Caution: Don’t try to save your life! If you ever need to talk with a live bot, or use a template message, never give out your personal information. If it is necessary for you to give out such information, say so in your template message, and then only use the chat bot for truly important or personal conversations. In fact, if a chat bot has ever chatted with you before without your permission, and now you want to chat with them again, you should take the time to contact a human user by name, since the bot will most likely connect you by name.

There are many more techniques used to combat chat bot behavior. If you’re curious about bot etiquette or if you would like to know more about the chat bots you see on chat rooms, you may want to read more articles about bots, chat room design, and ways to combat bots on chat sites. There are even books available to teach you more advanced techniques for defeating chat bots. Bot users do not need to fear the use of these machines, as there are a lot of safeguards built into the chat software to prevent abusive behavior. However, if you find yourself constantly having trouble with these chat robots, or if you wish to use your chat room without having to worry about getting a virus attached to your computer, you may want to look into a chat bot to address your problems.

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