Black Truffle Salt Smacks Down Natures Best Eats

Black Truffle Salt Smacks Down Natures Best EatsItalian Black Truffle Salt has become a sensation around the world. Most Italian food items are coated in this salty sprinkle to enhance their taste. It goes great with caviar, pasta sauces, chicken dishes, sausage,...

Dead Sea Salt and Its Medicinal Properties

Dead Sea salt is renowned for its many benefits on health, beauty and even on our hair and skin. People from all parts of the world visit Dead Sea for its many benefits. However, not many people know that the salt that is used in Dead Sea has also been proven as a...

How Sea Salt Affects Your Body

How Sea Salt Affects Your BodySea salt and table salt both have mineral content. Sea salt has been used for centuries as a table salt, while table salt comes from seawater. Sea salt was once harvested by boiling it in large pots, then the water evaporated leaving the...
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